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Deep cultivation of heavy calcium industry for 22 years

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Guangxi Hezhou Kelong Powder Co., Ltd. was established in 1997. It is a private high-tech enterprise integrating mining mining, ultra-fine powder processing and new material research and development. It is also a backbone calcium carbonate production enterprise in China.

The company has 3 large-scale calcium carbonate raw materials mines with proven reserves exceeding 100 million tons. The factory covers an area of 330 acres, and has more than 70 production lines including centralized raw material crushing stations, 10,000-ton level homogenizing stations, ball mills, vertical mills, ring roller mills, and continuous surface treatment equipment. It specializes in producing various specifications of heavy calcium carbonate products. , Annual production capacity of more than 2 million tons. Products are widely used in artificial stone, rubber, plastics, papermaking, coatings, inks, building materials and daily chemical industries.

The production process adopts an advanced process that integrates ultra-fine crushing and fine classification. It has the characteristics of sufficient equipment crushing, no coarse particles, reasonable particle size distribution, and good dispersibility. It achieves fully enclosed and dust-free automatic control, reducing Intermediate pollution links are ensured, product quality is stable, and the environment is effectively improved.

The company's product quality testing center has purchased a full set of world-leading testing equipment, established a strict testing system, scientific testing methods, and provides strong support for creating outstanding quality.

Scientific and technological innovation is the soul of enterprise development. The company has a scientific research team with strong research and development capabilities. It has successively developed a variety of special calcium carbonate fillers such as artificial stones and surface-treated active calcium carbonate products, which have won the majority of customers in the market. Recognition and welcome.

The company has over 50,000 square meters of large warehouses, established an efficient logistics and transportation system, and maintains long-term cooperative relationships with large logistics companies such as COSCO Shipping to ensure that products are shipped quickly and accurately to all parts of the country, providing reliable guarantee for production and sales .

"Customer-oriented, quick response, perfection" is the marketing philosophy of the Cologne people. The company has established a comprehensive sales service system and set up more than 20 sales offices across the country to provide customers with high-quality and efficient comprehensive services in a timely manner, to achieve Win-win cooperation between the two parties.

The company's management specifications have passed the certification of "National 3A Standardization Good Behavior Enterprise", and have been identified as "Guangxi Outstanding Science and Technology Enterprise", "Guangxi Enterprise Technology Center", "Guangxi Heavy Calcium Carbonate Engineering Technology Research Center", "Guangxi Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise "," Guangxi Gazelle Enterprise "," National High-tech Enterprise "and" National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise ". It has won honorary titles such as "Guangxi Famous Brand Product", "Guangxi Famous Brand", "Guangxi Excellent New Product Award" and "National May 1 Labor Award". Since 2009, he has been evaluated as one of the largest taxpayers in Pinggui District, Hezhou City.

"Technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence" is the company's core values. Based on the R & D capability and the good performance of the market, the company was identified as a national standard drafting unit by the National Chemical Standardization Technical Committee, and has participated in the formulation of four national standards including the "General Method for the Whiteness Determination of Inorganic Chemical Products" and "Calcium Carbonate Analysis Method" And "industrial heavy calcium carbonate" and other five industry standards, have made positive contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of the calcium carbonate industry in China.

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